Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can It Really Be June Already?

Jordan didn't send any pictures this week, so we decided to show this one of "Life Like Jordan" in our living room!
            Hey there!  This was definitely a better week.  We’ll start with Wednesday.  We walked home everyday this week, because our money was a little low, due to the daily expense of transportation.  It's like a five mile walk back home everyday.  (Woo!)  Anyway, on Wednesday, we were walking back from one of our far areas (that we also walked there from our apartment), when a random trike came by and asked us if we needed a ride.  Normally, you say no because they always want money.  But, this guy gave us a free ride back to our area.  Awesome.  The next blessing came when we were walking home and passed by the stake president’s house.  He owns a bunch of rice fields in the area, so he gave us six kilos of rice to take home.  More awesome.  The hard part was walking it home, but on the way back, we got another free ride from a passing trike back to Mayantoc.  So, Wednesday was would I would like to call, "Ang araw ng mga biyaya" (interpreted: “The day of blessings”).  The work wasn't really great good that day, but all of those little things helped us out a lot.  (Tender mercies.)  Now, we don't have to buy rice for a couple of weeks (haha).  We also gave our investigator, Jarome, a baptismal goal date for June 30th, which he accepted.  So, if I just leave this area with just that one baptism, I will feel really good about my time here.  (Oh Mamonit, how you test my patience.)  I'm really excited for him though, because he's just an awesome kid.  Jarome 12, so that's another priesthood holder in the ward.  (Score!)

            I had an interesting experience this week.  We went to visit one of our less active’s this week, and they were cutting up some meat that they had just cooked.  I asked if it was pig or something, but they said it was dog.  Yep.  They were eating roasted dog.  I then remembered the smoldering of what I thought was a log, but it was actually the dog's head.  I didn't realize it until they said it was dog.  I didn't believe them until I saw the head and the small tarp next to the grill covered in blood.  Glad we had not arrived earlier for all the preparations.  I mean, I really despise the dogs here and will kick any dog that comes anywhere near me, but I can't really imagine slaughtering a dog and then cooking it.  The other dog came sniffing the tarp - kind of sad.
Jordan's nephew, Royal, was blessed this past week.  Here, with his wonder-mommy, Kelli

            I can’t believe it’s June already.  Annnnnd, I still can't believe I am going to be 20 years old on Saturday.  Wow.  I will never been a teenager again!  It’s over!!  That reminds me, school gets out this week over there doesn't it?  Man, those were good times - summer vacations.  School actually started here today.  Which makes things a lot less crowded during the day.  I hope I get my packages this week.  (No, I haven't received them yet - (sigh).)  We have Zone Conference on Thursday, so I hope I can get them in time for my birthday.  We have a basketball game against the Camaling Zone today, and then the next week against Tarlac Zone.  Yep.  The Sta. Ignacia Zone (the Sting Zone) is going undefeated this month.  I haven't played basketball in over two months, so I'm probably a little rusty.  Also, because my ankle still kinda hurts.  It’s swollen (probably because I’m never off it), but it will be fine.  (Too bad the ankle braces you sent me still haven’t arrived.  I may do bad things to my ankle again.  Oh well, a guy’s gotta play!)

            I think that about raps it up for me this week.  I hope that you all have a great week.  Thank you for the birthday wishes.  To all my family and friends.  You know what would be a great birthday present?  LETTERS!  LOTS AND LOTS OF LETTERS!  ;) (haha).  I think we will have to go celebrate my birthday with a doughnut.  Anyway, mahal ko kayo.  You are all super awesome.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth.  He lives.  He loves us all enough to provide us with a living prophet on the earth today, to provide revelation that reveals truth, gives direction, and allows us to live in the confidence of His light.  I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.  I love working with the Filipino people and feel your prayers every day!

            Love you all very much!

            Elder Jordan "Roasted Dog Days of Summer” Royal

Royal is just plain awesome!  When he grows up, he wants to serve a mission like Uncle Jordan

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