Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nine Months and All's Well

Hitchin' a ride
           Yep...Elder Timbas is now gone.  He left for Angeles this morning.  We had to wake up 3:30 am today to go wait by the highway for a bus to come and pick him up.  He'll be in Angeles today with his batch, then to the temple in Manila, and then they go home on Wednesday.  Waking up that early is just too much for me.  Especially since we had to wait for at least a half hour before a bus with available seats came by.  Can you believe that?  All of the buses that passed by were full.  Who gets up that early!?  That's just crazy.  Elder Timbas got on the bus and I said my goodbye by pretending to shoot him (because he is now almost dead as a missionary).  He only has two days left before he goes home.  The bad news this week was that after I emailed you guys last week, we came home to find that all of Elder Shaffer's stuff was gone.  All of it.  Including him, and Elder Ilayat (former AP) was in our house with his stuff.  I guess before we left for the computer shop, Elder Shaffer packed up all of his stuff and went home (early).  It was a really sad moment for all of us that day.  We don't really know why he went home.  I guess it was just homesickness.  Elder Ilayat is a great guy, though.  Since he was in the office for two transfers, he really didn't get to work, so he pretty much made up for it this week.  They taught over 50 lessons this week!  We're not really sure if this is a for-sure thing, but I guess we'll find out on Wednesday if he's going to stay with us (transfer announcements). 
Jordan with his district (Elder Declario left of Jordan, Elder Timbas to the right)

             So during the week, we mostly just went to the different areas for Elder Timbas to say good-bye to the members, investigators, and less actives.  He gave a lot of his stuff to them that he wasn't going to use anymore like his sheets, towel, umbrella, shirts, and other gifts.  I thought that was pretty cool, because they were very grateful for his gifts, even if they were simple.  He served in Mamonit for six months, so he got to be close with a lot of the people.  Yesterday was his last Sunday as a missionary.  Last night, the ward kinda threw a party for him, where the members went around individually and thanked him and his work with them and throughout his mission.  We had a fun two transfers together.  I'm really interested to see who my next companion is going to be.

Jordan and Elder Timbas with Sis. Josepin

            I read all of the talks from this past April General Conference for the first time in my life.  I guess that might not the best thing to admit, but at least I read them all.  I would usually just read a couple and then just stop, but I had a lot of prayers answered these past two weeks because of reading all of them.  I forgot already, but one of talks referenced Elder M. Russel Ballard's book “Our Search for Happiness” and how touched people were reading it.  I decided to borrow Elder Ilayat's copy and started reading it Friday.  I read the entire book in just one day.  It's such a good book!  Especially for nonmembers.  I would strongly recommend that book to start sharing the Gospel with someone.  It's simple and an easy read.  Read it!  :)

            I'm glad that my life sized cut-out is providing comfort and entertainment for the house.  Although, I am a little sad that Kambria threatened to cut off my head on the ceiling fan if Dad hides life sized Jordan in her closet again.  Ha.  Is that true Kambria???? haha.  Also, Kelli punched life sized Jordan in the chest and David pushed me down the stairs?  Man.  I wonder if I'll survive there? haha.

            Well.  I think that's about it for me this week.  I will be sure to tell you all about my new companion next week.  Mahal ko kayo.  Ingat!  Keep the Faith.

            Elder Jordan "loving my mission” Royal

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