Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Times - Rash Decisions

            This was a really awesome week, even though I had pretty weird experience health wise.  I must have a food allergy that I don't know about, because I looked at myself and my upper-body was covered in a rash.  It didn't itch, but it was just pretty weird.  I wish I knew what caused it, but I guess I'll just keep eating until I figure it out.  I've never had that happen before, so that was interesting.  Anyway, I guess I’ll take the rash if that’s the price for the rest of our week.

            Our investigators, Ruben and Rechelle Odones, were baptized on Saturday and confirmed during sacrament meeting yesterday!  It was a great experience.  These two have come a long way since we started teaching them.  I actually remember teaching these two once or twice back in my days with Elder Timbas, but they were not progressing.  Honestly, I barely remember teaching them (which gives some indication of how long I have been serving in this area - ha), and they weren't baptized then.  They both bore their testimonies after the baptism.  Rechelle's testimony was very powerful.  All she said was: "I know that Jesus Christ lives and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet."  Boom.  That's probably one of the greatest things you could hear as a missionary.  A few short months ago, they didn't even know who Joseph Smith was, but now they know that he was used as the instrument by which Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored the fullness of the gospel to the earth in preparation for the Second Coming, that all the priesthood power and saving ordinances are again on the earth.  The baptism was very well attended.  The members clean the chapel every Saturday, so we just invited them to stay for the baptism.  Rechelle and Ruben have made some very close friends within the ward, especially Rechelle.  She's been very welcomed by the YW in the ward.  Her best friend is a member, the one who gave us the referral. 
Jordan with (from left) Rechelle, Ruben, Elder Dela Paz and Bro. Julio at the August 25, 2012 baptism
            Our other investigator, Bessie (who will be baptized this Saturday), attended the baptism as well, so she could feel the Spirit and know that what she's doing is right.  Bessie has grown tremendously.  When we set her baptismal date a month ago, Bessie thought she wouldn't be ready.  But, I wasn't the one who picked the date.  The Spirit selected the date, because Heavenly Father knew that she would be ready by then.  Here's where the testimony-builder part comes in.  The ward is having a temple trip on Sept. 8th.  Bessie said that she would love to go, even if it was just around the temple grounds.  That's when I realized that Sept 1st was really the day that she was supposed to be baptized.  I said: "You know...You can go to the temple and participate in the performance of sacred ordinances with the ward.  I think that's why Heavenly Father picked that date for you, so that you could attend the temple.  Do you believe that now?  Are you ready now?"  Her face lit up as she quickly said: “Yes!”  Wow.  The Lord really knows every soul that we are working with right now.   He knows what they can accomplish.  He knows who we can (and will) become.  He knows what is best for us.  If she attends the temple on September 8th, I think that will be one of the greatest blessings ever on my mission.  Baptisms are great, but when investigators take the next step by getting to the temple (especially right after baptism), it's just a real beautiful feeling.  It gives me such great joy to imagine Bessie in the temple in a couple weeks!  I am so happy right now.
Rofina (Rechelle's friend) here with Rechelle, Ruben and Elder Dela Paz

            Okay, now for a little funny/gross story.  We didn't have anything to cook one night, so we decided to cook the last box of that pasta cheese shell stuff.  Remember that I told you how my giant package got wet?  Well...I didn't take out the contents out of the box right away.  Some of the other stuff melted anyway.  Anyway, I grabbed the box, and it was all moldy inside.  So we grabbed the spaghetti.  Then we found that a couple of maggots got inside.  We checked the rest of the contents in the box to see if they had anything else.  When we picked up the box, there were maggots everywhere.  Ugh....That was really gross.  We got rid of all the maggots and threw away the box . . . but we still managed to save all of the stuff that didn't get maggot eaten (that we know of). 

            I can't believe that August is almost over!  I'll hit my 11th month mark tomorrow!  Crazy!  Almost one year has gone by already!  It is even crazier that football season is starting again.  I'm sure I'll get a lot of BYU football reports from Dad (keep them coming!).  That should be fun.  Steven Olson enters the MTC this week!?  Awesome!  Good luck, Cuz!  Enjoy the MTC.  It's an awesome place.  The Spirit is so incredibly strong there.  Just don't get discouraged with the language there.  You won't be fluent by the time you're done.  Trust me.  Even though I've been studying Tagalog for 11 months, it's still a little off sometimes, but it's getting a lot better.  Enjoy the food.  I did.  Good times.  I gained 10 pounds in the MTC, which I've now lost.  [Pappa Royal Note: Jordan’s cousin, Steven, is leaving for the Mission Training Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Tuesday.  So, he will actually not be going to the Provo MTC, although I’m sure the food will be good at the MTC in Brazil, too.]

            Anyway.  I guess that's all for this week.  Mahal ko kayo!  Enjoy your week!

            Elder Jordan "I Got Some Kind of Weird Allergies” Royal

P.S.     Mom.  Could you send some Traumil?  Not the correct spelling, but I think you'll get that.  Thanks!  And Dad, I mailed your thank you letter to the zone leaders in Camaling to give to the woman who found my wallet.  I also included a personal letter with it.  Hopefully, she'll receive it soon and the zone leaders will have a good experience.
Jordan included this wonderful picture of the insect activities from the care package sent weeks ago

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