Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 Months Down

            Wow.  I can't believe that 10 months of my mission have has already gone by.  It seems like yesterday that I entered the MTC.  That's the way I felt by the way as I read the new dearelders this week containing Elder Steven Jex's emails.  As I read his MTC experiences, they sounded exactly like mine.  Ah the good 'ol days at the MTC: learning simple Tagalog, three giant meals a day, gym everyday, going to the temple...Man - good times.  Steven’s been there over a month now, right?  I had some of the greatest experiences of my mission there.  Even though it seemed like I was there for an eternity (haha).  I also got a letter from my friend, Tanner Johns, from my BYU summer term, who is serving his mission in Mexico.  It was hand-written back in the beginning of June and I just received it (haha).  It's awesome having so many of my friends right now serving missions.  Special congrats to Dallin for going through the temple this week.  Awesome, right?  I loved going through for my first time.  We had our entire family together there for the first time.  That was almost a year ago.  Wow.
Jerome (left) was baptized by Oliver

            Well, the work wasn't too great at the beginning of the week, but it sure ended on a fantastic note!  Near the end of the week, we began teaching a new investigator that we met just a couple of weeks ago while I was on splits with Elder Greenwell.  She was over at member's house that we sometimes visit, and we wanted to share with her a short lesson (10 minutes).  She said that she really wasn't interested, but after talking for a little bit, we were able to convince her.  Our 10 min. lesson turned into 45 minutes as we talked about prophets, the Savior's Earthly Ministry, and the Great  Apostasy.  She turned out to be very interested in our lesson and we were able to answer a lot of her questions.  She still kinda thinks that there's really no religion that has the power to save us, but is still interested open to listen to us.  I'll take it.  As we continue to teach her, I'm sure she'll come to know that there is a Savior of the World who has saved all who choose to follow Him.

            I had the most powerful experience teaching the Plan of Salvation so far on my mission with our investigator, Bessie, yesterday during church.  We went through all of the questions of the soul: "Where did I come?" "What's my purpose in life?" and "Where do I go after this life?"  I also noticed that teaching the Plan of Salvation is soooo much easier to teach when I use that little wooden puzzle that I got at Missionary Mall, because it's an effective way for the investigator to see the Plan clearly.  We've been teaching her all month now, and she’s just awesome.  We extended the invitation for baptism and she accepted.  It was an awesome experience.  The Spirit was so strong that she and my companion were crying.  She'll be baptized (hopefully) on September 1st.  We also had a similar as we taught our investigators Rechelle and Ruben.  We also taught them the Plan of Salvation with the similar result, except they'll be baptized on August 25th.  So we were able to have three investigators with baptismal dates in just one day!  Woo!  It really is rewarding to watch these people make this change in their lives. 

            I have really enjoyed training.  Even though it's really hard sometimes, it's getting better.  We'll be having our transfer announcements next week, but am pretty sure I will stay because of the 12 week program.  Still, who knows?  It's happened before that trainers or trainees to get transferred halfway through the program.  But that's not likely to happen for me.  I plan on still being here until at least September.

            Glad to hear that everyone had a good week.  I hope that will continue.  I love you all and for all of your prayers and support.  Oh, before I forget . . . .  Welcome home Mike Flagg and Kylie Little!  Way to serve!  Now I think that's about it.

            Mahal ko kayo.  ingat.

            Elder Jordan "No Longer a 'Single Digit Missionary" Royal

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