Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, July 23, 2012

Oy Hoy Hoy

            How about that?   I'm surprised my birthday letter so soon, Mom.  I'm just very happy that it arrived before your birthday.  I'll be be sure to wish you Happy Birthday again . . . in a couple weeks. ;) haha.  Well, our week wasn't quite to the level as last week, but it was still a pretty awesome.  It went by quickly.  It has rained almost every day here, so I always come home with wet shoes, socks, pants, shirt, and everything once we get home.  All in a day’s work, right?  I like the rain, though (most of the time).  It keeps things very cool here, which I much prefer than the humid heat. 
Jordan's favorite spider made another visit to the apartment this week.  They may have to add it to their list of investigators. 
            I'll begin with some details of our awesome lesson gone wrong with Hay Jhea on Tuesday night.  We had just taught her the entire Plan of Salvation and were about to end on a great note, with a prayer.  The Spirit had been strong throughout our discussion.  However, before we could do that, Hay Jhea's drunk step-father entered the room and began sharing his "testimony."  The Spirit said bye-bye at about that time.  We were teaching Hay Jhea outside and her step-father was around the corner drinking with his friends.  He was rambling on about how God only cares about Israel, that there are no prophets on the earth, and that there is no reason for God to give new revelation to mankind prior to the Second Coming.  (That summary actually wraps up all the man’s drunken words in a little nutshell.  It makes no sense.  But, then again, people never make sense when their drunk.)  None of us said a word during the drunken rant.  Hay Jhea was really embarrassed and apologized for his behavior.  We told her that we would come back some day and try to talk to him when he’s sober.  It would be really sad to lose her as an investigator, because she has a testimony of the Savior, the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, but the gospel is about bring families together.  We do not wish to create contention within the family.  So, we can't progress until Tatay will either agree to listen to us, or give his blessing for us to teach Hay Jhea.

            I actually had a couple other experiences talking with drunks this week, but they weren't like this one.  The other times were when we spoke with drunks on the street they didn't even know where their own house was.  At least they were in a cheerful mood.  The men who work in the bukids tell us that they have to drink to "relax" from their day's work.  And that seems to be the only way to relax for them.  That's pretty much their life every day.  Pretty sad.

            We also had several encounters with Jehovah's Witnesses this week.  There some kind of convention or something here for them, so that was interesting.  We walked past a group of them and they called us over to speak with us.  They handed us their magazine called, "Awake!" and wanted to share more.  We agreed to listen if they would listen to us.  We tried to give them one of our pamphlets, but they wouldn't even touch it.  They said it was "forbidden" for them to take it.  Bastos talaga sila.  So, that was about the end of our sharing time together.  Anyway, moving on.

            Because of the all day rain yesterday, we went from the highest attendance I'd seen at church to the lowest attendance I have seen.  The rain comes down hard and tends to keep people in their homes and away from travel (even to church).  The good news is that we had four investigators at church today.  One of our investigators, Bessie, is really progressing well and is starting to feel the influence of the Spirit in her life.  She is learning quickly.  Her boyfriend is a member in the ward.  I don't know if I talked about her last week, but if I didn’t, here's a little review.  She lives near Tarlac and only visits on Fridays and Sundays, so those are the only days we can teach her.  I think we're going to challenge her to be baptized next week, so hopefully that'll go well.  (Oh no. Ahhh!  We just had a brown-out and I thought I lost this email.  Whew.  Still there.  That would've been very frustrating.) 

            I guess I'll do a couple of shout-outs right now.  We had interviews with President Martino on Thursday, which was awesome, and I received all of the Dear Elders.  I also received a surprise package from Al Librojo.  Al, you’re right.  I do not really remember you visiting us that one time, but I'm very grateful for your package!  The hot chocolate and stuff came at a good time (haha).  That was such a nice, thoughtful thing for you to do!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Also, congrats Kai and Isaiah Nacua for your commitment to play football at BYU!  I know that announcement was about a month ago, but I just received a letter from Dad telling me about it.  That's awesome! 

Let the Pop-Tart grilling begin
            Oh, I almost forgot.  We don't have a toaster in our house that works, so I haven't really been eating the Pop-Tarts you sent me.  But, I solved that little problem.  I came up with the best thing ever!  I am grilling 'em.  That actually works great!  Grilled Pop-Tarts.  (Get ‘em while they’re hot!)  Guess what we’re going to be having for breakfast every day this week?  haha.

            I think that'll do for me right now.  Mahal ko kayo!  We're halfway done with our transfers already!  And I'll be hitting my 10th month mark this Saturday!  Fast!  I will no longer be a "single digit missionary."  There is something special about that.  It represents experience, confidence and increased ability to do the Lord’s work!  I am happily engaged - loving it all.  Ingatzzz.

            Elder Jordan "Pop-Tart Griller" Royal

This is what a grilled Pop-Tart looks like (although it seems Jordan could not resist taking a bit or two in the process).

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