Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still in Mamonit

Bicycle built for two: Jordan here peaking over Elder Declaro's left shoulder in Kalikid
            We had transfer announcements on Tuesday and every companionship changed, except for ours.  So, I will be Elder Timbas's last companion before he goes home.  We got zone T-shirts that day as our last full day as a zone, and they're pretty sick.  Everyone got to pick the color they wanted for their shirt, and they turned out pretty well.  Oh yeah.  We do have a new companionship/area in the zone now.  Before, the Elders in Padapada were in over two wards, but now the area is split.  One of the missionaries is a part-time missionary, which pretty much means he's not really even a missionary.  We also have a foreigner in every companionship, so that's pretty cool.  Elder Declaro's new companion, Elder Shaffer, is from Pittsburgh and is very tall.  In fact, this is the first time that I've felt short since I've been here.  He's about 6'4, which is pretty much my dream height.  So it's like looking at myself in the future.  He's a pretty cool guy.  It's nice having another foreigner in the house that I can talk to about stuff.  I think that's about it for transfers, so I guess I'll move on to the week.

            Again, the work was pretty rough this week.  We tried combining two of our areas that we usually go to in one day to increase our lessons, but that just increased our walking distances....by a lot.  My legs were killing me this week from the walking.  Some days, we would walk from the beginning of our area all the way to the other side.  I know you can't control how others exercise their agency, but sometimes it just annoys me when people are just "too busy" to listen to us.  The same thing still happens when we're contacting and trying to find new people to teach.  (Ugh.)

Sis. Adonis in Kalikid with a list of missionaries (here we circled Elder Royal)
            On the other hand, we're making progress with our investigators, or our children investigators.  We were making great progress with Sheila this week.  She was reading the Book of Mormon everyday and even had a scripture pencil and stuff.  Our lessons had been going very well also.  Unfortunately, another challenge just surfaced.  She left to live in Tarlac with her Mom for awhile, and we don't know how long she's going to be gone.  (Sigh.)  We were only able to teach Jarom once this week, because we couldn't get a hold of him all week.  He had "sore eyes" all this week.  It was pretty gross to see, actually.  Both of his eyes were all red and just looked like he had black eyes.  We gave him a blessing after our lesson, which was pretty cool.  He didn't go to church yesterday, which was sad.  We're losing investigators once again with no one else to teach or find.  But, we just continue to do our very best.  I know I'm in this area for a reason.  Praying hard.  That's for sure.  Well, I guess that's about it for our work this week.

            Silverado loss in the State Championship in 5???  That sounds familiar.  I'm sad for them, but I'll be honest, it seems to be Silverado’s fate to get 2nd place in everything.  There's always next year, right?  I can relate to that situation right now as a missionary.  During my first area, I was having so much success with my companions.  We were baptizing and less actives were returning to church.  So, I went into my present area thinking that we would be doing the same thing (we still can), but then challenges have taught me the great value of humility.  (Well, I guess I just figured out my reason for being here now.  Definitely need that.)

            Well, I am sorry if this email is kind of a downer, but I'm just reporting what happened.  That does not mean I am not happy, nor does it mean I do not love the work.  It is all true. Adversity makes us all stronger, better.  You're all in my prayers.  God bless you.  Mahal ko kayo.  Ingat.

            Elder Jordan Royal

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