Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

             Wow....it was awesome being able to SKYPE with you guys today.  Thanks for keeping me updated and everything.  You guys are the best.  Well, this email me be short, because I don't feel like writing down everything that I just said to you, but I guess that I will tell you a little bit more about what happened to us this week with the work.  We've been making progress with one of our knew investigators, Sheila, which is pretty awesome.  The only bad part about that is that we haven't met her father yet, because he's always working in the bukids.  Saya.  Hopefully we'll be able to meet him this week, so that we can maybe teach him, too.  She's friends with the less actives that we're teaching right now, so that's how she got interested.  She's gone to church twice in a row, so hopefully her dad knows that by now.  Since we've taught Jarome all of the lessons, we're just reading with him from the Book of Mormon and going over the lessons with him.  He's a pretty sharp kid.  It's fun to read the Book of Mormon with our investigators, because then we can explain to them concepts that might be hard for them to understand.  Elder Timbas gave our investigators and less actives one of those coloring things that you usually get in Primary that says, "I've Read the Book of Mormon" so that they could keep track of their reading.  It actually got them pretty excited to start reading, because it helps them accomplish a goal of coloring in the paper so that it is proof that they've read the Book of Mormon.  I remember getting those back in the day.  Good times.  We started teaching Juner about the Plan of Salvation, and he's a smart kid, too.  I was surprised by the questions he would ask, because they're usually questions that only older people would ask.  He hasn't really been coming to church, though, because he doesn't have a friend to go with.  He tried to go to church yesterday with his neighbor, who is also from a part-member family, but she didn't want to, so he didn't come.  It was sad, but we still had three investigators at church yesterday.
Jordan's life sized cut out was a tad taller than life, but still very cool
            It's mostly half rainy half hot season right now.  We've had mini typhoons that usually last about ten minutes, and then other days when it's just incredibly hot.  It's simple really.  If there's sunshine, it's hot.  If it's cloudy and rainy, it's not.  So, a little bit of halo-halo, but it's alright.  Well, I guess that's about it for the boring weather report.  Now for some stories....if I had one.

            Oh yeah.  The frogs.  I told this story to David, but since Mom didn't hear it, here we go.  We went to one our less actives yesterday to teach them, and we saw Tatay with a bag full of live frogs.  He was sitting down and just chopping off their heads one by one.  Then he would rip the skin off (like a sock), chop off the legs, and then put the body in a bowl.  He did this all in about 10 seconds with each frog.  It was pretty gross, but hey as long as it feeds their family I guess it’s great.

            Wow.  Well, now I can't really think of anything that happened this week.  Transfer announcements are tomorrow and I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone by!  I'll probably be here with Elder Timbas for his last transfer, or I might train.  Those are the possibilities that I'm seeing right now.  I guess we'll just have to find out tomorrow.

            O yeah, another thing.  I started doing these stretching exercises this week, because I saw a manual on Elder Timbas's desk entitled, "How You Can Still Grow, Even After You're 25."  I figured, "Hey I'm not tall enough yet.  I better give it a try."  It's all stretching exercises and it was pretty rough when I first started, because I have the flexibility of a wooden board, but I'm improving.  Even if I don't get taller, at least I'll be flexible.  It says that I should expect to grow an inch after six straight weeks of doing the exercises every night.  You may laugh and think that this is impossible, but don't be too surprised when you get an email with the subject, "I've grown an inch!" ;)
            I'm sad that I missed the wedding.  It sure sounded a lot of fun.  Welcome Kambria Royal into our family!  :)  Our family's just getting bigger and bigger now.  It was so great seeing baby Royal on Skype.  He is so cute!!  I love you all very, very much!
Skyping with Jordan made for a great Mother's Day all around
             Well, that about wraps it up for me.  Mahal ko kayo.  You'll see if I have a new companion next week.  Ingat.

            Elder Jordan "6'5 Hopeful" Royal

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