Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Legacy that Almost Happened

            First off, congratulations to BYU for upsetting Texas on Saturday.  (Thanks for the detailed game report, Dad.)  I cannot tell you how happy/shocked I was with that news!  (After last week’s loss on the road to Virginia, it seemed likt it would be a long season.)  Earlier today, before receiving Dad’s letter, I sarcastically told Elder Armatage that I was, "excited to see how badly BYU got destroyed by Texas."   I could not have been more pleasantly surprised.  I’m glad to hear that BYU shocked the world.  I guess Taysom Hill is the new Vince Young.  (Wow, 259 yards rushing and three TD’s.  Amazing.)  It sounds likt the BYU receivers need to learn how to catch in the near future as teams are going to be all over BYU's running game in the future.  Anyway, we'll talk about BYU football again some other time (next week?).  I just couldn’t help myself today.  It is a good day to be a Cougar - even as a full time missionary.
Last District Meeting Before Thursday Transfers
            So about my "legacy."  It relates to our quest to find a meeting house for our ward.  We went to the exact spot where the bishop told us to investigate for a possible temporary chapel, and there happened to be a nice building that we could use on that exact spot.  We were taken through the building and were shown all of the rooms, and it looked perfect for sacrament meeting.  We told the bishop about it and he came right away to look at it.  After some discussion, the stake president was involved and wanted to know the price.  There is an apartment right next to the meeting house, too, so that would've been a perfect place for us to live.  We left that day very excited for what could happen, but then the bishop texted us a couple of days later telling us to find another meeting house, because the price of the rent was too expensive. Dang!  That was so disappointing, but we think we found another possible meeting house that we located while teaching a new investigator.  The Quest for Legacy is not over yet! 
Jordan & Elder Biggs say their mission goodbyes
            The first part of the Legacy is finding a lot more people to teach.  So that's what we did all week in the Lord’s vineyard: prepared the soil and planted seeds.  We found a new family this week, so hopefully they have some potential.  I was reading Jesus the Christ this week about the Savior’s Sermon on the Mount and His parables, and there is one parable that Christ taught about planting.  It wasn't the Sower or the Wheat and Tares, but it was another one like it.  I forgot what it's called, but it's only the Book of Mark.  The parable is about a man who plants a seed, nourishes it, and then goes away to plant some other seeds.  Meanwhile, the seeds that he left began to grow.  Then the man returned and harvested the fruit from the tree.  This parable means that when we plant a seed and nourish it, we usually don't know if the seed will grow or not, but if it does grow, someone will come and harvest the fruit.  When we plant seeds of the Gospel in people's hearts, we sometime's leave with sadness or other mixed feelings, because we don't know whether or not they believed or accepted what we shared.  But then somewhere down the road, they'll have more experiences from people sharing the Gospel to them, and then they will accept the Gospel, grow and bare massive fruit.  The first person that plants the seed often leaves a profound impact on the person.  I have experienced that already in my mission.  The people that we baptize always seem to remember the first missionaries that taught them and never forget their names.  Just a cool thought to think about as we're planting seeds of the Gospel in people.  The power and reward in missionary work comes in the teaching and testifying by the Spirit.  We cannot control how agency is exercised by others who hear the gospel.  However, we can control whether we cultivate gifts of the spirit and testify with power of the Holy Ghost.  When we are led by the Spirit, we are serving the Lord with great success and have every reason to rejoice.
The zone rocks its jerseys in Cabiao
            So we got zone jerseys this week.  We went to Cabiao on Saturday to play basketball with our new jerseys, because the elders there had a baptism that day, so we went as a zone to play there. Saturday was Elders Revillo and Agrabio's last full day in the mission field before going home, so it was also the last time that I would likely see them in this life.  We took a lot of pictures and then waited at the chapel for Elder Biggs coming from Arayat for their investigator to be baptized in Cabiao.  It was also the last time that I would see Elder Biggs, because it was his last day, too.  Elder Biggs is the first Elder from our batch to be going home.  It was really cool to see him, too.  We had our final lunch and then said our last goodbyes to Elders Revillo and Agrabio.  I'll miss Elder Revillo.  He was definitely one of my favorite missionary companions.  With Elder Revillo and his batch gone, we are now the oldest batch in the mission as of this coming Thursday with our last transfer starting.  (Yes, you read that right.  Last transfer.  This transfer's already over, so I'll expect my last transfer to go by even faster.)  Later that night, we went to the chapel for Sister Javate's (member in the ward) farewell party.  It was a really fun day. 
Jordan & Elder Revillo say their mission goodbyes

            Well, I guess this is it.  Transfer Day's on Thursday, and I'm 90% sure that I won't be transferring. I don't want to transfer, anyway.  I just want to finish my mission here as we complete our Quest for Legacy (haha).  We are engaged in a great work.  I love it.  I can hardly believe my mission is so close to being over.  I have loved serving here in the Philippines as Elder Royal and I am grateful to still have a little more time to do some good.  I hope everyone is doing well.  (Also, I hope BYU can beat Utah.  I’m sorry, but that just had to be said.)  Have a great week family!   Mahal Kayo!

            Elder Jordan "Working For a Righteous Legacy” Royal

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