Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Monday, June 17, 2013

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

Jordan's missionary apartment - the last picture with Elder Pangan.
(From left: E. Branham, Jordan, E. Pangan & E. Leduna)
          You've got to be kidding me, right?   This transfer's already over (on Thursday)!!!   This was probably the fastest transfer that I've had here in Cabanatuan.   No wait - fastest in the mission.   I guess it's like that once you're almost 21 months in the mission field.   I don't know if you guys remember Elder Frearson back when I was Kalikid, but he was my first District Leader, and he was only three months ahead in the mission field.   He goes home this week.   I can't believe how fast that went by.   We've been talking about it a lot at the house about how extremely fast this transfer flew by.   I probably attended my last sacrament meeting in Cabanatuan Branch 8 yesterday.   I'm going to be sad to leave, because there are so many great memories here, but then again I'm excited for another transfer, which will likely be my last area.   Wow, that sounds really weird. It seems like I just got here.   Amazing.

Elder Leduna with name tags of the missionaries
who share an apartment in Cabanatuan
          We didn't have high numbers this week, but at least we were able to find some awesome new investigators.   We went on splits one day, so I took the Branch Missionary with me to find a referral that was given to us.   It was in a new place that I hadn't been to yet, even though we ride past it almost everyday.   We asked people if they knew the person we were looking for, but no one knew them.   As we walked away, I had the feeling we needed to go back there the next day, so Elder Leduna went back the next day to find new investigators.   We went a different route and we were able to teach the first house that we approached.   We taught them the Restoration and also answered some questions that they had asked themselves the day before about life and stuff (the day I was with the Branch Missionary).   I was taken a little by surprise, because of how quickly the prompting came by the Spirit.   We were able to teach and gave them a Book of Mormon.   At the end of the lesson, the woman (Lawrence Deguzman): "Thank you for answering my questions and for the feelings that I felt."   That was pretty awesome.   They committed to attend church, but they didn't come, which was too bad, but I guess the Lord's answering my prayers by helping me plant the seeds of the Gospel in as many people here as I can before I get transferred.   We had another great find a couple of days later.   We found and taught this one girl and her mother outside their house (Rachel, age 20, and mother).   I forgot the mom's name, but they're really nice.   We taught the Restoration and the Spirit was very strong.   We testified about the Priesthood and temple
A little party for the departing Elder Pangan
marriage.   Rachel has a husband, but he kinda left when we introduced ourselves.   After the lesson, Rachel told us that she wants to get married in the temple.   It would've been better had they all gone to church, but still, it was a great find.   That was pretty much our highlight for the week.   We got stood up a lot this week.  One of our investigator's grandma passed away, so we weren't able to teach her.   We haven't been able to teach her for two weeks.   We had planned to teach her the Plan of Salvation for about two weeks, but she was busy with work.   If only she heard it before her grandma died so she would know exactly where she's going.   Oh well.   I'm sure it'll comfort her once we teach it. We actually moved Lexter's baptismal goal date from July to June 29, because he's ready and wants to get baptized.   I probably won't be here for that one, either.   Dang.   Oh well, I am grateful for any role I am blessed to play in the conversion of a soul.

Sister Foote enters the MTC on Wednesday

          So cousin Kimberly is now set apart as a missionary?  She will love it in the Philippines.  First, some words of comfort.   I am pretty sure that the sisters in the mission (at least in my mission) have people do their laundry.   Also, bucket showers are actually the best.   A nice cool bucket shower after walking around in the heat is my favorite part of the day. She will come to love that.   Also, the culture shock only lasts for a week or two.   The best part is that Kimberly could be assigned to my companion’s home ward in Bakolod City, because he said there are sisters there.   Things will be great and she will love serving as a missionary here.

          I guess the branch's planning a farewell party for me on Tuesday, in anticipation of my transfer.   So, that'll be awesome (or embarrassing if I don't get transferred, - haha).   My time is quickly ending, but I've still got a lot to do.   Thank you for all your love and support and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!   Dad, you're the best father in the family ;)!   Thank you for all your updates.   I love you all and have a great week.

          Elder Jordan "5 months gone in Cabanatuan" Royal

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