Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello from . . . (drum roll please) . . .

Jordan says goodbye to members of the Cabanatuan Branch
            So yes, I got transferred.  I am now currently serving in the San Vicente Ward in the Gapan Stake.  I am still serving as a Zone Leader, now in the Gapan Zone.  I am really enjoying it here so far.  My new companion is Elder Cabato.  He's been in Gapan since December (which is a pretty long time).  He goes home one transfer before me and has been companions with three others from my MTC district.  Who knows?  This could be my last area since I only have three transfers left.  I could be Elder Cabato's last companion until he goes home in September, but that would really be a long time in one area.  He hopes he gets to stay, because he loves it here.  Plus, if he gets transferred in six weeks, he would then be in his last area only five weeks.  So, it could happen if he asks President Martino nicely :).  I wouldn't mind at all being with Elder Cabato for two transfers.  He's an awesome guy and a very hard worker (a great combination).  I'm kinda amazed at all of the work we were able to accomplish in only four days of being together.  More on that later.

            This week seemed to go by pretty slow.  It always seems to be a bit like that when you get transferred.  I really miss Cabanatuan.  I was there for five months, so I was able to get to know and love the members and people there.  I had such a fun transfer with Elder Leduna.  Even though we didn't get any baptisms together, they'll be having one this Saturday that we taught together and a lot of other potential investigators for baptism.  It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but I have to go where the Lord calls me, right?  It doesn’t matter what I am asked to do in the Lord’s vineyard, I just want to be a productive laborer for Him.
Jordan and Elder Leduna with the Manuel family in Cabanatuan just prior to Jordan's departure
            Thursday was transfer day.  Gapan isn't that far away from Cabanatuan, only about a 30 minute bus ride.  We dropped my stuff at our brand new apartment.  (No joke.  It's only been used for six months, so it's brand new, which is really nice.  The only downside is that the water pressure is really weak.)  We then took a jeep with some of the Elders in our zone to each lunch at the Sisters' area to celebrate a birthday.  So that was a good start to my stay in the zone.  Our apartment's actually next door to other elders'  apartment, so it's like we share a house, but not really.  There are four missionaries serving in the San Vicente Ward (Elders Fatani, Viquerra, Cabato, and me) so our areas are split.  Elders Fatani and Viquerra stay in the city while we have to ride a tricycle to our area everyday.  Our area is really far and expensive to get there.  It's like Mamonit, except there is no chapel in our part of the area, so church attendance is a problem for those living in our area, because distance is an issue.  At least we get the more beautiful part of the area where all the bukids and trees are.  I have honestly missed the bukids, because it's much cooler than the cities - especially now that the rainy season has started.  I've met a lot of awesome people so far and I can't wait to get to know them better.  We actually did have two investigators come to church yesterday who will be baptized next month, so that was very cool.  They are the Geron Family, and they're awesome.  When we taught them, I asked Brother Geron about his Book of Mormon reading and was shocked when he told me he was already on 2 Nephi 33.  Just to let you know, it is extremely rare for investigators to read that far (let alone get past 1 Nephi 1.)  (I think I pretty much have all of 1 Nephi memorized since I've been on my mission, because we read it with investigators so often.)  So, that was way cool. 

            We had a baptism in the ward on Saturday (Elder Fatani and Elder Viquerra's investigator) and that was awesome.  Their investigator is a Tatay who had a stroke way back and has some trouble walking, but he makes the sacrifice to go to church every week.  He was also given the priesthood yesterday, and that was a great experience for all of us.  It is such a blessing to see how freely Heavenly Father shares His priesthood authority with those who choose to follow the Savior.
Baptism in Gapan (Elders from left: Cabato, Viquerra, Fatani and Jordan)
            I think that'll about do it for this week.  I'm grateful for all of your love and support and I pray for you everyday.  The weeks will go by a lot faster once I start getting more adjusted to the area and the new people.  (Brad’s first area, Cabiao, is in my zone.  So, hopefully I will get a chance to visit there.)  By the way, cool story about Dad losing his phone at the park and having it returned by that family.  It is sweet to know that Heavenly Father watches over us, blessing us with answers to prayer through other people.  Hope everyone is great!  We're going to be watching the worldwide missionary broadcast this weekend, so I'm excited for that.  (I know you guys have already seen it, but we have to wait patiently.)  We also have interviews with President Martino on Wednesday, so we already have to plan a workshop for the zone.  Darn.  Oh well.  Should be fun.  Take care family
           Elder Jordan "5 areas na" Royal

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