Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, May 27, 2013

Earnestly Seeking His Sheep...Makulit na naman sila

            Well, another week gone by with pretty much the same ending as last week . . . with no investigators attending church (which is always very disappointing for missionaries). I'll share with you the good stuff that happened this week during our finding . . . since I have already shared the bad part of the week.
Jordan at the mission office with Elder Revillo and Sister Balata
            One night, we were punted from our last appointment of the night (meaning, of course, that no one showed up).  Our branch missionaries decided to go home, but we still had an hour before we had to go home, so we decided to go finding.  While we were finding on this one street that we walk at least three times a week, we were having impressions to stop at this one house all week, but never went because we were always trying to make it on time for our appointments.  Well, since we had extra time, we decided to go for it.  As we knocked on the gate, someone came out to greet us.  We were about to introduce ourselves when she stopped us and told us that she's a member from Camaling.  She said that she was staying at her cousin's house with her friend from Camaling who's being taught and will be baptized soon, so that was cool.  We were able to meet her cousins, the Macabagal family.  We were only there for a couple minutes before they brought out all of this food for us.  Elder Leduna and I looked at each other and were grateful that we'd follow the promptings of the Spirit on that one (haha).  We were able to teach them twice this week, and we had some great lessons with them.  They have great potential, so we'll see what happens.  Elder Branham worked with me on Friday, and we were also able to find some new investigators.  Our best find was probably Tatay German, Chief of Police.  That was pretty cool.  Sadly, none of our investigators came to church...again.  We're still teaching the Carrion Family powerful lessons by the Spirit, but just like our other investigators, they are having trouble keeping commitments.  I don't think that they understand that they can feel the Spirit whenever they want IF they will simply make and keep commitments.  So, while it was a good during the week, it ended rather sadly on Sunday.
Jordan and others working at an earlier service project
            Well, Marimar was forced to stop listening to our lessons, because her parents (or their religion) forced them to do so.  She was touched by the Spirit, but Satan really fought back.  I am not really sure why they are members of a religion that removes their agency.  Then another less active family we have been teaching, the Sabados, told us that they don't want to listen to us anymore, and that they decided to go back to their religion before joining the Church.  That was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my mission - not because we lost a member, but because Satan just completely took over.  They had previously told us that their lives were completely changed by the Book of Mormon and their baptism into the Church.  But, they have now forgotten all of that.  It was like they just turned off the light switch and were standing in darkness.  They weren't the people that I taught before.  Before, they were clearly happy.  I do not see that in them now.  We invited them to give the Book of Mormon another chance before making a final decision, so we'll see what happens. 

            We did a service project for Kim Arahan's less active mother at her school, because she's the principle there.  We made some cement and built a concrete path on the campus. School starts up again pretty soon, so the schools are now getting ready for the new school year.  Weird.  It feels like summer vacation just started here.  (Oh, I miss summer vacations.)  We had a good time with the project.  Most of the Elders from the zone came, so we were able to get a lot done.  The local police came and helped out, too, but the people at the school said that we were harder workers than the police (haha).
Kyle receives his mission call to Arkansas
           Wow. It's so crazy how many of my family and friends have been called to serve missions! To my cousin Kyle, congrats on your mission call to Arkansas Little Rock (Spanish speaking) and for getting a touch of a foreign call by being sent to the Mexico MTC. Awesome. I'm sad that I won't see you before I come home, but we've got our whole lives to see each other :). You'll do great! Well, I hope that everyone's went well and that you'll all be protected still. Mahal ko kayo.
            Elder Jordan "20 months na sa mission!" Royal
Kyle opening his call last Thursday

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