Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Winds of Change Are A Blowin’

Jordan did not send new pictures this week, but we found this one of him at a
YSA Family Home Evening in Tarlac, January 2013
            Hello and goodnight.  Sorry that I am writing so late.  President Martino has established a completely new way of reporting within the mission so we had to spend a lot of time figuring how to do it and, in the process, received what seemed like a thousand phone calls from missionaries in our zone asking us how to do them.  It's been a pretty crazy week.  Elder Dadizon got transferred and now I'm leading the area after being here for only four weeks.  It was very unexpected.  Elder Dadizon and I were sure that we would be companions until the end of the month, but I guess the Lord had other plans.  The good news is that my new companion is Elder Revillo, my zone leader from Tarlac.  (You may remember me writing about him in earlier letters.)  I was pretty stoked about that, because I really liked working with him in Tarlac.  It was a weird transfer, because it was only four weeks long.  There were some new missionaries that arrived during that time, so President had to shorten the transfers.  (By the way, these funny transfer dates are related to more missionaries arriving, some at odd times like this last one, which has pushed around release dates.  I have confirmed my release date as October 24, 2013, which means I will have nearly served a 25 month mission.  Astig, diba?)  We had Zone Leader Council on Tuesday, which was fun to see all of my batch from the MTC to see how far we've come in the mission.  That's where we talked about all of the new reporting and stuff.  We had a pull up contest with President Martino before we went to bed and I held the record for most of the time at 12 . . . until Elder Palmer beat me by one (13).  Darn.  I'll win it next time.  President Martino's a very strong man for his age.  He was able to do 10.  He even did 50 push ups in his white shirt and tie in front of all of us as he told us to be awake and focused during the meeting.  Pretty awesome.
Jordan with Tatay Atchuela in Tarlack, January 2013

            A lot of the members here were surprised and sad that Elder Dadizon transferred.  He was assigned to Dingalan Bay (Bongabon Zone: My first zone in the mission.)   He had been here for six months, so he had obviously become very close to a lot of people here.  Elder Dadizon and I had a lot of fun during our time together.  We had four baptisms in the four weeks that we were together.  Even though I still get confused sometimes about the area, I will manage fine and we will accomplish a lot here.  We have two baptisms planned on March 23rd, Dinera and Gracia Taruk.  They are from a part member family that Elder Dadizon and I found a couple of weeks ago, and they have been progressing well since the first lesson.  They are some of the best investigators that we have here.  They read everything that we give them, understand it, prayed about it, and have developed their own testimonies of it.  We met their mom for the first time on Saturday.  She has been a member for over 20 years, but stopped attending church many years ago.  What we did not know is that she has also been reading the assignments that we have given to her children, even though we had never met her, and she came to church for the first time in years.  She is very excited to be coming back to church and we were very happy to see when she arrived.  That is a great example of the joy that comes from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving others with the goal of bringing them back to Him, right?  It is always a blessing to bring families together.  I love the Rescue Program.  I love being a missionary!

            Even though my birthday is still three months away, since you asked what I would like in a birthday package, here are some ideas.  (I'm not really sure what I want to be totally honest.)  Maybe a new pair of workout shorts would be cool.  (That probably sounds a bit crazy, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind.)  I really don't know what else besides food, protein, and other goodies that you would want to throw in there.  Hopefully, the package won't get flooded again, plagued with mold and gross bugs (although that was actually pretty cool, I must say).
We can't see Jordan's basketball shorts in this photo (taken in January 2013, Tarlac).
We only know he wants a new pair for his birthday
            I am so happy to here about Brody's Mission call to Canada Vancouver!  That will be awesome (and cold)!  He'll start out there in the summer, so it shouldn't be too bad.  That is very, very cool.  Speaking of missions, doesn't Brett Dommer enter the MTC this week?  That sure was fast.  The MTC is awesome.  I imagine it is super crowded there now with the new age change.  Here's some revelation for you about that:  While we were in the MTC, they were building two new apartments (one for Elders and one for Sisters) on campus.  I remember thinking why they were doing that, since there was only one giant building for the sisters and it seemed to be more than was needed for the number of sisters.  Then the age change happened, and two weeks after that, Elder Jefferey R. Holland dedicated the two finished apartments in time for all of the new missionaries coming in.  Pure revelation.  Awesome, Right?

            Well.  I think that's about it for me this week.  I hope that everyone is enjoying life there.  Ingat kayo.  Love you all!

             Elder Jordan “Loves But is Also Annoyed With New Reporting Requirements” Royal
I can't remember if we ever posted this family picture from Thanksgiving 2012 . . . but it's worth reposting anyway

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