Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, August 5, 2013


            Happy birthday sweet Mom!  (Happy, happy birthday, from all of us to you.  We wish it was our birthday so we could party, too.  Hey!)  I am glad I get to write this on your birthday.  I hope you are enjoying the day.  I love you!!
Jordan received a visit from our long time neighbors, Ramone & Joji DeLeon
(The DeLeons also visited Brad when he was serving in the Philippines in 2004, so they have now visited both Elder Royals serving in the Angeles Mission)
            Yes, I saw our neighbors Ramone and Joji De Leon this week, which was really cool.  Sister Martino called me the day before their arrival to tell me they were coming.  I was allowed to see them and talk with them for awhile at the chapel.  It was a good experience and I really enjoyed it.  It was very cool seeing them, speaking with them in Tagalog, and sharing some of my mission experience with them.  Pretty sweet surprise.  They delivered the package you sent with them, which was exciting, so thanks a lot for that.  (They will be delivering a hug to you from me!)

Jordan & Elder Cabato with the Garcia family
           So you'll never guess where I am right now...back in Cabanatuan!  I transferred back to Branch 8!  Joke....no, but I really am in Cabanatuan right now, because my new companion, Elder Hernandez (from Bicol), and Elder Leduna went to Tarlac to take some BYU entrance exam, so we went to Cabanatuan yesterday after church.  I was also able to work in my old area again with all of the members.  That was really cool.  I'm with Elder Bell right now, who just got transferred, and I had to lead the area since he's only been there only a couple of days.  I was super stoked to see everyone again!  Not a lot of people get to go back to their old areas and visit, so that was really very cool.  I also saw Elder Dela Paz this weekend, since he's now in Cabanatuan.  It was the first time I'd seen him in almost a year, so that was awesome, too.  We played basketball together this morning just like the good 'ol days, so that was fun.  I'll be with Elder Bell right now until our companions come back from Tarlac.
Jordan & Elder Cabato with Tatay Arturo,Shane, AJ & Nanay
(That's Jordan's description, which doesn't cover everyone, but we can always edit this later.)
             Anyway, this was a pretty rough week for Elders Cabato and Fatani who were both transferred, because neither of them wanted to leave.  I wouldn't have minded being with Elder Cabato again another transfer, but he was in Gapan forever, so it was pretty certain that he was going to leave.  Elder Cabato said all his goodbyes and had to pack all his stuff.  There's now an added companionship in Gapan Zone, Jaen B.  And guess who's opening it?  Elders Revillo and Agrabio.  They both go home this transfer, and they're only going to be there for five weeks and then will be replaced by Sisters.  Crazy, right?  In other sad news, I officially received my departure letter :(.  That means I only have two transfers left my entire mission :(.  I'd always seen those letters, but I thought that I would never see one, or I thought getting mine was still a long ways away.  I guess not.  It is kind of a downer receiving it.  I mean, of course I am excited about the next chapter of my life, but I also have just loved serving as a full time missionary.
Jordan with Elders Cabato, Fatani and Viquerra with the Marcelino family
            So I guess I should tell you more about my new companion.  Elder Hernandez is an awesome guy.  I'd met him before and this is his first transfer as a ZL, so I'm kinda training him how to be a ZL.  Elder Hernandez is always smiling and joking around and is a great teacher.  I think we'll get along just fine.  I hope that he ends up being my last companion.  Elder Viquerra (Elder Fatani's old companion) is now training a new missionary from Alpine, Utah: Elder Armatage.  If you say his name in a deep voice, it sounds like it would be a really cool name for a Transformer.  So on Elder Hernandez’s first day, we went out to dinner with our companions.  I was talking with him and then realized that I can't speak any proper English to save my life.  I had to really think about what I was saying and stuff.  Everyone was laughing at me, because I can't speak English anymore, and they're right (haha).  It was pretty funny.  (It makes me feel pretty silly, but I’m sure it will all come back quickly.)

Gapan Zone
            Well, I think that's it for this week.  The work was a little bit down because of transfer day and MLC/DLC, but we will bounce back this week.  Take care everyone and I love you all!!  Happy Birthday again Mom!  I love you!!! :)  You're the best!

            Elder Jordan "speak English me anymore can't" Royal
Jordan & Elder Bell working with ward missionaries in Cabanatuan

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