Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Prayer is Pretty Awesome!

            So what' up everyone!  Glad to hear that you all had a great week and that you had a memorable Independence Day.  We had MLC on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Mission Home in Tarlac, and the Cabanatuan zone leaders thought it would be a good idea to rent a van to take all of the zone leaders from the Cabanatuan side of the mission to Tarlac in one van.  It was a good idea to begin with, until the driver made a wrong turn towards Angeles City.  He realized his mistake and we got back on track again; however, he then could not find the mission home, because we forgot which entrance to take.  It made for quite the adventure.  We eventually made our destination, a tad tardy but still safe and sound, so that was good.  The mission is focusing on the power prayer this month.  I learned so much about prayer during those two days of training!  It was probably one of the most spiritual MLCs I have experienced on my entire mission.  The Assistants gave their workshop and taught us "new" steps of prayer.  When we teach investigators how to pray, we always teach them to address Heavenly Father, thank Him for blessings, ask for blessings or questions, close in the name of Jesus Christ.  But, that is where the framework of teaching prayer usually ended.  I never really taught in more depth the importance and power of prayer. 

Missionaries during the Mission Leadership Conference.
(Jordan is right/center in the background, yellow tie)
            The first step of prayer is:  Have a reason to pray.  Why are we praying?  Two: Let the Spirit guide our prayers.  Who's really praying (us or the Spirit)?  Three:  Pray according to the will of the Father.  That is probably the hardest one for me, especially as a missionary.  Our prayers are most effective when we pray for what the Lord wants, not for just what we want.  Four: Listen.  This is also a very difficult one for me.  Listening takes a lot of work and practice, but the Lord will always answer our prayers, so listen for the answer.  Five: Get up and work (or do the thing that you prayed for).  As I implemented these steps, I discovered that my prayers immediately became were more sincere, faithful, happy, and my eyes were opened to recognize the answers I was receiving.  Prayer is awesome, and we need to ask ourselves: "Are we using prayer to it's full potential?"  Just food for thought.  President Martino is also trying to get the mission more focused on achieving our baptismal goal, so he came up with a catch phrase: "We are one."  (The Savior has repeatedly reminded us that our objective must be to become one in heart with Him and Heavenly Father.  See D&C 38:27.)  This is the what they used during the Mission Leadership Broadcast a couple of weeks ago, so whatever the Prophet says, we are going to do it (together, as one). 
Jordan showing off his dishwashing skills at the mission home
A lot of prayers were answered this week.  One of them related to our investigator, Roheliyo, who will be interviewed for baptism this week, and he is just awesome.  I didn't know until yesterday that he's been visited by the missionaries for about 10 years and only is now deciding to get baptized.  He has completely given up alcohol and said he is no longer tempted to drink, which is a huge blessing.  We also got one of our investigators to pray following a lesson, teaching her what we learned from MLC.  (We had been trying to get her to pray for weeks prior to that.)  Talk about a great revelation for the mission!  This new emphasis on prayer has been a special blessing for me.  I really needed it.  We have had some great lessons this week, but Tatay Roheliyo is pretty much the highlight of the week.  He will be baptized on the 20th and he can hardly wait!  Tatay's a really funny guy.  They always feed us pancakes when we come.  (Yeah that's right: pancakes, without syrup and other fattening stuff.)   We are grateful for their loving hospitality, which somehow makes dry pancakes taste sweet.

Jordan at the Mission Leadership Conference
            We played basketball this morning at a wooden-court gym for the first time since I was at the MTC in Provo.  That was really awesome - especially since I played my best game ever.  We can only play on the court every three months though, which is kinda lame, because of the local rules.  (The court is in high demand.)  But, at least I'll get one more game there before I come home.  I guess we'll just play at the church every other Monday.

            Thank you for all the love and support.  I really feel it and love you all so much!  I pray always that the Lord will bless you in all you do.  Ingat kayo!

            Elder Jordan "ate me some johnnycakes" Royal


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