Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Great Week!!

            Happy Birthday Kelli!!!  I know that it's only Sunday there, but it's your birthday here in the good 'ol Philippines (since we are 15 hours ahead of you), so how awesome that is to have two birthdays!  :)   I love you and Royal like crazy!!  I hope that your birthday is a special one and always know that you're a great sister to me :)).
Jordan, challenging the world to a Thumb War

            Let’s see, where to start?  Let’s begin with Zone interviews this with President Martino.  I had to give my first "interview workshop" as a zone leader, which turned out to be better than I thought it was going to be.  We'd spent a couple of hours the day before preparing for it, so I'm just glad that it turned out okay.  We're actually going to have a mini transfer on the 28th for just new trainers and possible emergency transfers.  So, I guess that'll be interesting to see what happens.  (That will be my 17th month mark.  Pretty crazy.)  I can't believe that my mission has gone by this fast!  Elder Dela Paz and his batch are now eight months in the mission.  That means that I trained eight months ago! What the heck??  Dylan Kirkland from Silverado Ward will be home from the Australia Melborne Mission just next next month!!  Now, that makes me feel pretty old in the mission.  Well, this has turned into a jumbled mess, let's get to the really important stuff.
Baptism of Raquel and Thalia.  Jordan here with Elders Dadizon (far left) and Cohen (far right)
            Saturday was a really busy day for us.  We painted again at the Manuel's place, but at the other building.  It went by a lot faster than last time, because we were more organized and actually knew what we were doing.  We then had to race home, because the sister missionaries also had a baptism that day and they didn't have any priesthood leaders to baptize their investigator.  We wondered how in the world that they could not find someone from their ward to baptize.  It was a good thing that the APs were scheduled to worked with us that day, because there was absolutely no way were going to be able to make it on time.  They went ahead to be one time for the baptism and we showed up later.  Elder Cohen, the AP, was the one who performed the baptism, so it all worked out.  We then went to teach Nanay Minchi and Reymark.  I don't know if I've told you about them.  Their situation is weird, but they're awesome and absolutely know that the Church is true.  Nanay is in her 60s, and Reymark doesn't know his age or his birthday, because he was separated from his parents when he was young.  He only knows his full name.  He's in his 20s probably, and he's living with this Nanay.  Yeah.  They're going to be married (hopefully).  I guess that just proves that love is boundless.  Seriously, that’s a HUGE age gap, but they're going to be married (if we can find Reymark's information before then).  So, now I have another wedding to plan.  Great.  Hopefully it's just as big, if not bigger, of a miracle than the last marriage we planned with James back in December.  We gave them a baptismal goal date for March, so hopefully they'll be married before then.  We then went back to the Manuel's to see if Thalia was ready to be baptized that day.  She was then saying she wasn't sure and that she wanted to wait and be baptized on the same day as Lovely.  Lovely's baptism isn't going to happen for a long time, because of her job and hasn't been to church for two weeks.  Even after she'd already asked her boss for days off on Sunday.  She works for her aunt and uncle, who won't give her Sundays off, but they go to church every week.  (Ugh.)  We're really praying that either she quits her job or that her bosses give her Sundays off.  Anyway, back to Thalia.  After some counsel, she finally decided to be baptized that night.  Her two friends that were there also came to the baptism.  One of them, Abby, had a good experience and asked us if she could be baptized, too.  While we couldn’t really do that, we set up an appointment to begin teaching her this week.  Thalia and Raquel's baptism went great.  Raquel is absolutely crazy funny.  She didn't want to bear her testimony after she was baptized, because she was nervous.  When she walked up to the pulpit, she like fell down and tried to hide.  Everyone thought that she'd fainted, but she was just on the ground laughing.  She got up and then bore a weird testimony, but she had a good experience, so whatever works.
Jordan & Elder Cohen chillin' after a busy Saturday

            Thalia and the Manuels were late to sacrament meeting for the first time ever, so Thalia wasn't confirmed.  Of all the days to be late.  Thalia's boyfriend, Nathan (who we've taught once), also came to church with her.  He's been telling the young men in the ward that he's going to marry Thalia in the temple, which would be an awesome thing to say if he was older.  But, they're only 16, so that won't happen for a while.  They’re young and all those plans could change in a couple of years - especially if he gets baptized and then goes on a mission.  I actually taught Gospel Principles class for my first time on my mission, and it was pretty fun.  The classroom was absolutely packed.  We had 10 investigators at church with some of the recent converts also in the classroom.  I enjoyed it a lot.

Poor diseased ridden vermin never saw it coming
            Oh right.  We finally caught and killed one of the rats in our apartment! We trapped it in a corner and then forced it into a big plastic container. We'd been trying to catch that thing for about a week now, so it was a good success.  It tried to jump out of the container a couple of times while we were trying to exterminate it.  Anyway, he’s gone all the way of the earth.  So that's one down, and at least two left.  We found another one the night afterwards, so he'll be our next target.  (These rats are going down!)

            So I guess that's it for this week.  I hope that everyone enjoyed “Araw ng maraming gastos" (day of spending a lot of money) or sometimes called "Valentine's Day" or "Single's Awareness Day" (only David will get that one).  Have a great week and be safe.  Mahal ko kayo.

            Elder Jordan "Astig pa rin" Royal

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