Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nasa Victoria pa rin ako ni Elder Rabino!!

            I am still in Victoria with Elder Rabino for another transfer.  We had a really crazy Transfer Announcement Day at Tarlac on Wednesday.  Our Zone Leaders put a lot of work to make some fake announcements.  At first, they said that they were just going to be direct with us and that it wouldn't be crazy like last transfer, but no, it was worse.  They first just read the transfer announcements (the real one) that had Elder Rabino and I still in Victoria.  Then they told us that there was another transfer announcement, but they cut out the names and taped them to random places throughout the chapel and told us to find them.  We already accepted the first transfer announcement that they read, but the other missionaries found all of the sticky notes and we sorted them out.  It still had me in Victoria, but with a different companion.  Then all of the missionaries were arguing and telling the ZLs that the first one was true and that the second one was fake.  Then Elder Revillio opened his backpack and dumped out a poster board that was cut up into a puzzle with our announcements on it.  It was impossible to put together, so then they read ANOTHER list that had me being a Zone Leader in Sta. Ignacia (my last zone).  That one was a little wacky, so then they told us that the first one was the real one all along.  So, that's how messed up our ZLs are, but I'll give them props, it was really funny.
Here's a picture of Jordan's zone, similar to one posted last week, only not as crazy.  Imagine all these elders and sisters
on the real/fake transfer exercise.  (Back in my day, we received a call or letter, and had to quickly pack and get on a bus. But, when information is to be delivered through the missionaries, things just seem to get a wee more complicated.  Ha.) 
            Alright, this week was rough working-wise and very stressful.  James, the guy that we found out isn't married yet with his part-member girlfriend, told us about his marital status and that Sister was leaving for Taiwan in a week for three years to become a caretaker.  So that brought us to Operation: Rush Marriage.  At the beginning of the week, Sister said that her flight was on Sunday, so we were starting to think that this marriage wouldn't be possible and that James would have to wait for three years before he could get baptized.  Then I started thinking about more about Miracles in December and about faith.  My faith was weakened at that moment, so I just begged for Heavenly Father for just something that would give us hope that this marriage would happen.  The first prayer was answered when Sister's flight was delayed until the 19th, which opened the door for James and Flor to get some documents quickly.  They were able to get 2 out of the 3 that they needed, and they're supposed to get the marriage contract today.  We made some phone calls with Pres. Martino and said that he'll hopefully be available to do the ceremony if the stake president is busy.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  We just told them that we could do it at their house.  But the Bishop and the auxiliary have a meeting tomorrow at the new chapel, so we could do it there so that there will be more witnesses.  Oh yeah, yesterday was our last Sunday at the meeting house (finally) and we'll be having Sacrament Meeting in our new, giant, and beautiful chapel next Sunday!  We'll be having an open house Thursday morning for people to come in and tour inside the chapel and learn a little bit more about our Faith.  What an awesome opportunity to find new investigators!  The Ward Christmas Party is also on Thursday, so even more people will hopefully come.  There should be some awesome stuff happening this week with the work.

            I told you a dog story last week, right?  Well, I have another one.  We arrived at one of the recent converts in the ward to teach him and his son invited us in to wait, because the family was eating dinner.  I sat down and yelled (not loud), "Tao po!" (People!), which is how you tell someone that you're at their house rather than knocking or ringing a doorbell.  So I knew that their dog was pretty aggressive when people come to their house, almost like an attack dog, but I completely forgot about it.  I then heard the dog barking and running towards me.  The doorway had a curtain over it, so I couldn't see it coming.  I just thought he would run and bark at me like he usually does.  I was taken by surprise when he jumped on me and tried to bite my arm.  I quickly shoved him off and then their son grabbed it and hit its head as a punishment.  They came running in and wondered if I got bitten . . . luckily, no.  When we came back to teach them again a couple of days later, I was ready this time and was just really mad at this dog.  I just tried to scare it by pretending to pick up a rock and throw it at it, but I guess that just made it madder.  That usually works for all dogs here, but this one was pretty matapang (brave).  I guess I'll just have to be more careful when I go there, which is weird, because that was the first time that's happened, and we've been going there since I've been here. 
We do not have any actual dog attack pictures; however, Jordan, here with his district, demonstrates the way he addresses mean, aggressive, angry dogs, using his best known form of animal intimidation.

            We're in Tarlac right now, and we just finished practicing our skit for the Christmas Conference on Wednesday, so we're really excited for it.  This will be my last Christmas Conference in the mission.

            Mom, there's still room in my feet when I wear my shoes, but I don't know how the other ones fit so well.  I'm wearing them right now, so I'm trying to see if something happens, like if I get used to them or something.  Well.  I think that's about it for me this week.  I love you guys!  I can't wait to Skype you all next week!!  Ingat.  Be safe.

            Elder Jordan "loves Christmas pa" Royal

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