Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, November 12, 2012

Could This Be?

No pics from Jordan this week, so we've added this one we really like of
Mitt & Ann Romney

            Well, I know that you must have been, as many of us were, shocked, pained and disappointed when it was announced that Obama won a second term in office.  We were gathered together as a zone for lunch after DDM, when one of the elders received a text that Mitt Romney was winning the election.  We were extremely surprised, because all the reporting around here was that Obama was going to win.  But, our excitement ended quickly when they received another text announcing that Obama won.  That was such a hard day, and what made it worse was that I let it affect the Lord’s work.  I was just so sad, thinking of how this could have happened during some of the toughest economic times in America, when our very moral fiber is being tested.  But, like David's Devotional and what Dad said about the Book of Helaman, perhaps the Lord is waiting for the people to come to Him.  I just hope Mitt Romney has another shot in 2016.  Does he?  Oh well.  If not him, I hope it is someone inspired by God, willing to march with today’s Title of Liberty.  The election was just a really tough pill to swallow., especially when random guys would yell at me, "Hey Joe!  Who won the Election?"  Ugh.  Well, the First Presidency asked the members to always pray for the country regardless of our party affiliation or who is in office, so we'll follow the prophet and pray for a the right people to make righteous decisions designed to protect our precious liberties.

             Other than a rough Election Day, we had a really good week.  We went to Burgos on Monday as a zone for a service project.  Burgos is just like Mamonit, except with a lot less people.  It's in the mountains and it's just beautiful up there.  It's really far away from Tarlac City.  We got a ride from a member in one of the wards who owns a big truck thing, and then we headed on over.  Everyone was crammed in the back while Elder Carrasco and I were comfortably sitting in the front seat.  Elder Carasco is a really fun guy to talk to.  He's from LA.  He quoted something from Brian Regan during our conversation, so we just went on and on with Brian Regan quotes (haha).  Good times.  The service project was rough.  We went to this member's house to help them move some dirt and rocks at the bottom of this hill to where their pigs were so that they could build a stable or something for them.  The dirt and rocks were in piles on top of this hill and we carried that dirt in rice sacks all the way down this hill.  The walk was probably a good 40 yards up and downhill.  We were probably averaging 50 lbs a sack.  The other Elders had a contest to see who could carry the most weight down the hill.  Now I know my weaknesses, so I did not participate for good reasons: 1) I woke up at 5:15 that morning.  2) I didn’t want to be super sore later; and 3) I didn't want to trip and fall while carrying that sack.  We were all super sore the next day anyway, but at least it wasn't from carrying a 100 lbs sack of dirt down a hill.  Despite all of that, it was a pretty fun service project.  The clouds covered the sun AFTER we were all done, so that was just a bad luck with timing. 

            We had a really good day this Friday working with our Ward Mission Leader.  We don't work with him a lot, because he lives really far away, and we pay for his transportation home (about 35 pesos each), but when he does work with us, it's always helpful.  We showed him the ward directory that we used and asked other members where some less actives were, and we were able to find a lot of new less active families.  Almost every single new less active family that we met this week have non-members in them, which are great opportunities to teach.  We taught a lot of them this week.  Some of them have been living with their boyfriends for a couple of years and are not yet married, but we are happy to teach them.  We might as well help them to get married, right?  The marriage services in the Church are free, so money's not a problem with that. 

            We had an interesting experience at church yesterday.  One of the less actives that we met on Friday came to church with his entire family!  They missed the sacrament, but that was okay.  We were sitting in the back when they came in and sat by us.  The tatay didn't sit down for the longest time, and then he came up to me and told me without whispering, "I'm going to go outside and look for money Elder.  You and Elder Rabino are in charge of my family until I get back."  I was about to tell him to just sit through the rest of the meeting and they could leave afterwards, but he left before I could tell him that, so we were then just stuck caring for his family.  It was pretty bizarre when he was talking really loud to me while the other members were looking at us.  The good news is that his family stayed for all three hours, so . . . awesome.  Mak-Mak got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday during sacrament and gave the closing prayer.  The only bad thing was that the mic wasn't working, so we couldn't hear the prayer, or the sacrament prayers at all, so that was a bummer.  Mak-Mak was excited though, so I guess the prayer was good.  He also attended the CES Fireside last night, which was great.

            I think that'll do it for me this week.  Sorry for writing this so late.  I'm glad Grandpa Kelly’s burial was a spiritual experience for you guys.  I wish I was there.  Mom, I really don't know yet what I need or want in my Christmas box.  The ideas always come after me AFTER I get a package, so I'll just say put whatever you put in last Christmas and I'll be very happy with it. :)  Mahal kayo!  Ingat!

            Elder Jordan "Hoping I will still have a country to come home to” Royal
Ray Kelly family at his funeral on November 3, 2012 (minus a few, including missionaries Elders Jordan Royal and Jeffrey Stark)
Leona Kelly with her eight children at Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV


  1. My son is in the Angeles mission, too. He just got there and has been there for 10 tens. In his last email, he mentioned a dirt project carrying rocks and gravel down a hill over and over. He talked about how much he loved it because he finally felt like he was useful (he's pretty discouraged about the language). I wonder if it's the same service project? My son's name is Elder Jake Brockbank from San Diego.

  2. I forwarded this to Jordan. Feel free to send me an email at lvmike01@yahoo.com.

    1. Thanks! I will email you and give you Jake's blog address. Your son's blog gives me hope. It's awesome!