Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, September 17, 2012

Elder Dela Paz IS TRAINED!

            Before I forget again.  I need to tell you that President Martino says that we can vote in the upcoming election!!   How cool is that!?  I don't know how to do the whole absentee ballet thing, but I'm just excited that I'll be able to vote.  Go America!  Anyway....

            Sorry, it is taking me so long to email you guys right now.  We went back to the Camaling River to take pictures and had an awesome lunch that we just cooked right then and there.  I was last there six months ago.  It was a lot cooler this time because the river is now full (from the rainy season), so the irrigation system made like a cool rapid-waterfall thing.  The water's green now, too, but it still looked pretty sweet.
Jordan (right) with (from left) Elders Witt, Dela Paz and Retaga - eating fish at the edge of the Calaming River
Jordan at the Calaming River six months after his first visit
            Well, it sounds like you all had a pretty rough week over there, too.  I guess we're in the same boat then.  Not only am I sobrang galit at BYU for losing to Utah (blah), our work wasn't really that great either.  We were pretty much punted everywhere that we went to this week.  Which was sad seeing that it was probably my last full week here in Mamonit.  We did not teach that many investigators because they are all in the bukids working the harvest.  We were able to teach Tatay Ruben again, though.  We met him a couple of weeks ago and weren't able to teach him since.  He's an inactive Jehovah's Witness, so that's the knowledge that he grew up with.  Once we explained to him that Jesus is actually Jehovah from the Old Testament and taught that doctrine from the Old Testament, he accepted it right away, saying: "Yeah that makes sense."  Awesome!  I guess we'll keep teaching then.  I think that was about the highlight lesson of the week with an investigator.  Our recent converts are doing great, so I don't really have any worries about them (Jerome, Ruben & Rechelle, and Bessie).  It was pretty sad teaching Bessie for my last time yesterday.  I'm definitely going to miss the Spirit that I felt while teaching her.  She's had such an incredible change of heart.  She loves the Gospel.  Bessie sent us a text earlier today thanking us for teaching her.  We went over yesterday to Brother Jayson Coliado's house (boyfriend) and taught her the importance of eternal marriage.  It was really funny, especially since they're most likely going to be married.  Jayson was like: "When you find your awesome future worthy-Priesthood holder husband, it'll be awesome for you guys to be married in the temple."   We were all laughing when he said that (haha).  If they do get married in the temple, they'll have to wait until September 1, 2013 when Bessie's been a member for a year.  Maybe I'll be able to attend the sealing!  (haha)  That would be so awesome!  We taught Ruben and Rechelle the same thing.  It wasn't as sad, because I'll probably see them one more time before I leave.  They're also progressing well.  Jerome attended Mutual for the first time on Wednesday.  We've been encouraging him to go to Mutual even before he was baptized.  He never went, because he is pretty shy, but he said he had fun there, so hopefully that'll be a weekly thing now.
Jordan and Elder Dela Paz with Ruben, Rechelle and their mom (with others he did not identify . . . sorry)
             I can't believe that the transfer is over this week!  We're going to Sta. Ignacia this Wednesday for Transfer Announcements.  There's probably going to be a lot of changes in the zone.  Every companionship could change by this week.  I've enjoyed my six months in Mamonit.  Well maybe not the first three months, but it definitely got better.  It'll be sad to leave, but I'm kind of excited for a change.  Elder Dela Paz will be able to take control of the area.  He's awesome.  He'll do just fine.  I had a good time training him.  So perhaps I'll be writing you guys from a new area next week.  I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness to the earth.  I am grateful to be one of those blessed enough to take that message to the world.  It is a great joy serving in the Philippines.  I love being known as "Elder Royal."  Mahal ko kayo talaga.  Namimiss ko kayo.  Ingat.  Be safe.  Peace.

Elder Jordan "Former Trainer" Royal

Go Lights!  District 3 - last Prep Day together  

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