Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kumusta galing sa Kalikid!

Jordan preparing for a lesson

            Grabi.  I can't believe that it's Monday already!  It felt like this week was just like one long giant day, but awesome.  We definitely had some successes this week.  We had a practice for Erick Padre for his baptismal interview this Friday.  We forgot to bring the questions in Tagalog, so we had to use our planners.  The only problem is that our planners aren't in Tagalog, so we had to translate as we read, and guess who had to translate and give the interview?  Yep, me.  I was pretty nervous at first, but then after I said a silent prayer to myself, the Spirit filled the room.  I was able to translate the questions with no problems at all.  I had to stop at question four, which is about felonies, homosexual behavior, and abortion, because I didn't know how to say those things.  Elder Declaro took over for the rest of the interview.  I still felt good to be able to do all that I could before I had to give the rest of the interview to Elder Declaro.  Just another example of the Gift of Tongues, I guess.  His baptism date is on the 18th of this month, so we're really excited for that.  We have Jarom and Jonas Sta. Maria being baptized on the same day as well.  The zone leaders are also bringing in their baptismal candidates, so it's going to be a large group picture (haha).  That should look cool.  The best part is that our three baptisms are all from the Rescue Program.  We found the less active member first, and then we taught their family members.  It's great to see them all coming back to church, too.  We challenged one of our investigators, Rose Marie Arabe, to baptism as well.  It took her a couple of seconds to say yes, but the Spirit was very strong in the room.  I promised her that if she continued to read the Book of Mormon and to ask for the truthfulness of it, than she will know that baptism is what she should do.  If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith is God's prophet who he called on the earth to translate the Book of Mormon, restore the gospel, the Priesthood, the Church, and that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.  All of these questions can be answered through reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  Her baptism date is on March 10th.

Elder Royal up close and personal!
            Elder Declaro and I only have two weeks left together before transfers.  Who knows?  We could be staying here, but we're all assuming that he'll be transferring, because he's been here for about four months.  I've been here for over two months and will be hit my third month in Kalikid on the first of March.  Crazy!  I just wonder what will happen at the next transfer.  We'll be getting another new AP next transfer and possibly a new Zone Leader, if Elder McCormack becomes the new AP.  That's just what we're guessing.  It should be interesting.
            I had a pretty awkward experience at church yesterday.  I was asked to play the piano again, and I decided to play some hymns that I hadn't practiced ever, but looked easy.  I chose, "He Died!  The Great Redeemer Died!" . . . and NO ONE knows that song here!  I was completely shocked!  That isn't the awkward part, though.  And no, it wasn't the fact that I stumbled through all of the songs, either.  The awkward part was that no one sang the sacrament song.  I played the introduction and then no one came in to sing.  I just had to keep playing the rest of the song.  It was so embarrassing. 

            We went to Sister Garcia's home on Saturday night for her birthday dinner.  Elder and Sister Bowcutt were also there, so it was fun talking with them and stuff.  They're just the greatest people!  They gave me more Dear Elder letters and I got two letters from Elders Harrison (Baguio Mission) and Biggs.  Elder Bowcutt handed me the stack and asked: "Is there anyone you don't know?"  I told him: "Well, in fairness, 90% of these are probably from my Dad."  I was wrong, though.  Only about 85% of the them were from Dad (haha). 
Elders Royal and Declaro during a lesson

            Well, I think that's about it for me.  I can't really think of anything else that happened this week.  If I forgot some things, maybe next time.  We have a great week planned for this week.  Elder Tehh, the President of the Area Presidency here in the Philippines, is coming here for a mission tour.  We have zone conference on Wednesday, so that should be pretty awesome.  We're going to the Bowcutt's house this afternoon to play basketball again, because it was just so much fun last time.  Oh!  Congrats to my cousin Jeffrey Starks for his call to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and to Steven Jex for his call to the Germany Berlin Mission!  News of mission calls is always awesome.  Steven, I wasn't really surprised at all.  I always knew you were going to go somewhere in Germany.  I hoped you would go to the Philippines, but hey, it's all about where the Lord wants you.  And Jeffrey, you will be awesome.  (I’m suddenly very hungry for a Capriotti’s Philly Cheese sandwich, with everything on it.)  You guys will never regret serving a mission.  (Doesn’t Brennen Marshall go into the MTC this week for the Baltic Mission?  Dallin Jenkins and Brody Barker should be turning in their mission papers soon.  I love hearing about my friends serving missions!)  That goes for all you young men preparing to serve missions.  It's hardest work I’ve ever done, but brings with it the greatest blessings I could ever imagine.  As long as you are completely focused on the work, you'll love every minute of everyday.  Well....until next time.

            Mahal ko kayo.  Babalik ako ng susunod lingo.  Ingat kayo!

            Elder Jordan "walang trunky pa" Royal

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