Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Safe and Sound in Angeles City, Philippines

We spoke with Jordan by phone during his layover at LAX Monday evening as he prepared for his long flight to the Philippines via Korea.  Jordan was upbeat, happy, excited, and quite talkative.  He knows there will be a brand new learning curve when it comes to picking up the language that will challenge him (they all go through it).  It was great to hear his voice and feel of his excitement to be serving as a missionary.

We received a call from Sister Deanie Martino, spouse of Pres. David Martino, Wednesday morning in which she announced Jordan's safe arrival.  She said all the missionaries arriving were both excited and tired.  They will be staying in the mission home for the night and then receiving assignments on Thursday.  Sister Martino was kind enough to send some pictures, which we LOVE and share below.  We are looking forward to Jordan's first letter from the mission field.  Until then, we will bask in the light of his smile from these wonderful pictures.

Jordan (far left) arrived with a headache and was given a Tylenol PM . . . so he looks pretty tired here.
The missionaries are all smiles as they prepare to EAT

This looks like a pretty good spread - missionaries always enjoy dinner
And . . . what would dinner be without dessert??!?
They all seem happier after dinner and dessert - go figure

Time to prepare for bed and get some MUCH needed sleep
Elder Biggs is all smiles as he prepares for "story time" before bed

Next up . . . Elder Royal's first assignment!

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  1. Hi Royal Family, this is Sister Biggs (Mother of Elder Biggs). Loved looking at Elder Royal's letters and photos. Your blog has been good therapy for us. Thanks for taking the time to do it :) xx