Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Gaining Momentum . . . and Weight

    Well this week has just been full of ups and downs, but more ups than downs.  I was really discouraged with the language earlier in the week.  (It is definitely a struggle.)  We had one activity in class where we would watch these videos by investigators about their lives, and then we would do some role playing and talk share with them a message that seemed important to share with them based on what they said and concerns expressed.  It was going great when we were doing it in English.  Then our teacher instructed us to do it in Tagalog.  I didn't know how to say anything.  I just sat there, frozen, trying to figure out what to say.  It was really embarrassing.  Then, to add salt into the wound, we had to teach our progressive investigator five minutes later.  So I was already down about not being able to say anything, and then we had to go teach someone again.  Elder Brown and I didn't really prepare much for getting into the door.  That was a mistake.  So, as a result, we could not even get in to teach because our door approach was so poor.  (No one else got in, either.)  And, once again, I couldn't think of anything to say.  Unfortunately, by that time our teacher's shift was over and he had to leave quickly.  So that made me feel even worse.  I was putting way too much pressure on myself.  I just kept thinking how I could ever invite others to come unto Christ if I can't even keep up a full conversation at the door?  I felt really down last night, and I prayed really long and hard for comfort.  I was starting to doubt why I was even trying to teach in Tagalog when I was so bad at it.  The adversary was definitely winning the battle.  When I was done praying, I walked out of the room for a bit, and then I heard Elder Brown come in.  He talked to me and assured me that it will all come in time.  It was a touching experience, because I realized when I went to bed that Elder Brown was a direct answer to my prayer.  I was in need of comfort and I know the Spirit told him to go comfort me.  What an awesome companion!  We're getting along great and I love Elder Brown.  Even though I'm still struggling in the language, I know that Elder Brown and Heavenly Father will help me through it.  The language barrier is starting to crumble a little bit more each day, so now I'm finally understanding.  I still have trouble writing sentences and spelling in Tagalog, but I'm working on that.  Oh and we have to memorize Joseph Smith History 1:16-17 in Tagalog by Monday.  None of us that I know of is even close.  I've memorized maybe three lines.  Oh well.  I just got to keep my faith and courage.

    Don't worry about me not eating here.  We eat a lot of food.  Feels like too much sometimes.  I eat a lot of healthy stuff....most of the time.  I've gained seven pounds since I've been here.  Ano biyan!?  (Might not be spelled correctly).  I could never gain weight no matter how much I tried when I was home.  The MTC makes gaining weight seem so easy, because it is!  I've been working out everyday though, so hopefully SOME of that is muscle. haha.  I've been playing lots of volleyball and basketball since I've been here.  If I want a really good work out, I go play basketball.  Volleyball is pretty fun, though.  I play with all of the Samoans, and I'm usually the only white kid there that can actually play and is better than all of the Samoans except for one.  One of the Samoans is a left handed hitter who started a volleyball club or something in Samoa.  He and Elder Tauilili are on the professional rugby team for Samoa, which is pretty intense because everyone in Samoa plays rugby, so I imagine it would be hard to get on the team.  I feel like I'm jumping a lot higher than I used to - by maybe an inch higher.  But hey, I'll take it.

Elder Bear, Jordan's temporary replacement, here enjoys a meal with us at Olive Garden, eating/gaining weight like Jordan
    What else has happened this week?  Not much.  We do the same thing pretty much everyday.  Oh, I did get Mom's packages in the mail a couple of days ago.  I absolutely loved it!  Thank you!!  I love you, Mom!  :)  The photo album is great.  I love having pictures of family and friends, especially pictures of baby Beckham.  :)  haha.  I love getting mail from home!  I would like to have some more letters from my friends, though (BYU friends, Las Vegas friends, basically anyone who wants to write me letters).  Sometimes we have Sir Elder Biggs read our letters out loud in his British accent.  It is especially entertaining when Elders Merrill and Kemmy get letters from their girlfriends.  Every night we gather in someone's room for "Story Time With Sir Elder Biggs."  It just makes the letters so much more enjoyable. 

    By the way Dad, I talked to some of the Elders in my District, and they would love to hear from you!  Well, I have to wrap this up before the computer shuts down on me.  Mahal Kita everyone!  I'm praying for you all!  And again I say....please write me! :)

    Elder Jordan Royal

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