Elder Jordan Royal

Elder Jordan Royal
Jordan hugs big sister Kelli

Monday, September 19, 2011

One Week to the MTC - WOW!

Jordan receives his MISSION CALL!!


   I can hardly believe that our youngest son, Jordan (soon to be known as Elder Royal), is leaving for the Philippines in just a few days, to serve in the same mission where his brother, Brad, served: Philippines Angeles Mission.  Maralea and I toured the mission in September 2005 when we went to pick up Brad at the conclusion of his mission.  I think I ended up writing about 40 pages documenting our experience at that time.  I should probably go find those emails and post them somewhere - perhaps on our Royal Family Times blog.  We'll see.  Jordan doesn't know I am starting a new blog to post his mission letters yet.  I have to get through the blog learning curve again (as I did this for David's mission in Peru (Piura Mission)).  We went on a little road trip with Jordan to the BYU/Ole Miss game in Oxford, MS earlier this month, which was great . . . since BYU won.  We just got back from a little FHE pre-mission shopping trip.  Maralea made me go . . . but then said I was "useless" because I was following posts on www.cougarboard.com the entire time.  (She complains about stuff like that, but Maralea sneaks onto Cougarboard, too.  She's a crazy Cougar fan - which was a big plus when I married her.)  Jordan has prepared very well for his mission.  He attended BYU summer term, and has been a regular in our stake mission preparation class (the designated pianist on "Called to Serve").

Here with (from left) Grandpa Royal, Jordan, me and David at Jordan's MP Ordination

Jordan with some siblings and cousins (from left: David, Rachel, Jordan, Kyle, Tyler, Steven & Kelli)

Gathering for Jordan's mission call.  From left: Back row: Grandpa Royal, Jeff & Kathy Flagg.  Middle: David, Dan, me, Jordan, Maralea, Kelsey.  Front: Steven, Dallin, Hannah and Brennen.

Jordan prepares to open the big mission call letter

It's so hard for mommy's to let their babies go away for two years . . . but we're all smiles


Grandpa & Grandma Royal with Maralea and Jordan after a volleyball match at Foothill HS

He can set . . .

Jordan will miss playing volleyball.  He can hit . . .

Did I mention he can hit?

Jordan was the last of four big time Royal volleyballers at Silverado HS.  We will miss watching our kids play.  Here, at Senior Day with Kell and David.

Jordan with seniors (from left) Dallin, Brian, Steven, Jordan and Vinny

Jordan did not get his name in lights for Senior Day, but a poster is not a bad consolation

See what I mean?  Not bad.
   When Brad was called to serve in the Philippines, his poor mother cried and cried, because it is so far away.  But, when Jordan opened his mission call in May, we screamed with excitement.  Since Maralea and I have been there . . . and loved it . . . we know Jordan is going to a wonderful place, with beautiful, humble, warmhearted people.  We had an amazing experience there in September 2005 and look forward to returning in September 2013, to once again sing karaoke and lots of Beatles songs ("Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, hey Jude"), and to see our wonderful friends in and around Pampanga.  There's no business like the Lord's business, and we are looking forward to following another Elder Royal walking among the Filipino faithful! Here are a few photos from our September 2005 trip to the Philippines.  You know what . . . now that I think about it, I am going to upload our 2005 experience on the Royal Family Times blog.  Why not!?  We love the Philippines!  These pictures represent people, places and experiences Jordan can look forward to . . . .  Awesome.

This was our first night in Angeles when we went to the Philippines to pick up Elder Brad Royal in September 2005.  Cannot wait to go back in two years!!!!!

Elder Brad Royal (middle/top in this photo) with his mission departure group in September 2005.  Jordan is literally following in his older brother's footsteps.

With the Moquia family in San Jose - and the cutest little kids you'll ever meet.  We so loved meeting the people of the Philippines - especially those who loved and cared for our missionary son.

Brad baptized Edsel in Angeles City during our visit - which was way, way, way cool.  (Edsel likes the Beatles, so he's pretty cool anyway.)  This was a very special day in September 2005.  (Ignore the photo date, I messed that up and did not figure it out until we got home.  Ugh.)

We attended the Cabiao Ward (Brad's first area) on our last Sunday - and were asked to speak in church (in English).  We were served dinner and ward members waited for us to visit and take pictures.  We would love to visit there again in 2013.

After an evening of karaoke and fun in Angeles with some of the coolest young adults you will ever meet!  I soooo want to sing more karaoke and scream out Beatles songs along the streets of Angeles with our dear friends.

Check out Jordan to the right of this photo.  He's grown to 6'2" since then, and will be returning to the Philippines Angeles  Mission as Elder Royal II, taking over where Brad left off.

I love this 2005 picture of Jordan

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